Monday, 4 May 2009

Annual Report Brief

okkkkk so these are the designs I did using the images that I posted a couple of weeks ago. I had them taken and edited to use for a brief thats have been on going for a while now in uni. There was a choice whether to do Art Direction or Annual Report. I stupidly chose to do the annual report for and organisation called 'The Ramblers' Association'.

now for the bad bit...

I really liked my images and designs I used them in. I felt I had a not bad to good crit after the hand in. However I got a not so good (i feel) mark :( i was given 55%. Which is still respectable, however, the comments I recieved from the tutors seem much more deserving over a higher mark.

To be totally honest I am just quite annoyed with the way things are being run at the moment and would like some changes....but oh well!

here are a few of the designs....