Thursday, 13 May 2010

Good Design Does Not Have To Cost The Earth

As one of my FMP's I designed an editorial to showcase my dissertation. The essay focused on how graphic design have been affected by growing environmental concerns and the recent recession. We havent received our results for the essay yet (fingers firmly crossed) but I am very happy with they way the editorial looks.

Here are some photos I took last night in my DIY photography studio.


brian hughes said...

sorry i found a grammatical error in your book, which looks great

'thats aim to is to make it as easy as...'

Lauren King said...

uck that doesnt matter for this haha the dissertation itself was handed in ages ago so there not much i can do about my grammar now :P

brian hughes said...

och thats alright then, we are graphic designers after all :)

Shaun Hume said...

OW! I like the big font on these ones.